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Exam P/1 CBT Practice Tests

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the computer practice tests beneficial?
    Actuarial CBT Practice Tests help students familiarize themselves with test objectives and types of questions, and become comfortable with the look and feel of the real test.

  • What makes Actuarial CBT Practice Tests superior?
    Actuarial CBT Practice Tests provide many carefully-planned, built-in advantages for you. All these benefits will increase your performance and improve your chances of passing the exam.
    1. The look and feel of the real exam. Actuarial CBT Practice Tests emulate the test engine used by the real exam, resulting in an interface that is very similar to the real exam.
      Benefit: You will feel comfortable with the test before you take it! It helps reduce anxiety, increase performance, and save time on test day: time you can use to answer the questions rather than learn how to work the test.
    2. Close relationships with SOA / CAS - all previosly released questions (relevant to the syllabus) from SOA/CAS are included in these tests.
      Benefit: High quality tests, as well as current content covering the exam objectives.
      The best way to pass an exam is to take the same type of test when you practice.
    3. The number of questions. Each time you take a practice test, the questions are randomized, creating a new testing experience.
      Benefit: Enhances the true learning of the material.

  • Do you offer exam pass guarantee?
    No, we do not offer pass guarantee. We do not guarantee anybody that merely using Actuarial CBT Practice Tests as their only study tool will pass the exam. Why not ? Well, Actuarial CBT Practice Tests is not a cheat sheet. In addition to that, the actuarial exams are notoriously difficult, SOA / CAS regularly update their question banks and try to increase the level of difficulty of the exams. However, we can certainly guarantee you that by combining with other correct study tools, Actuarial CBT Practice Tests will enhance and reinforce the comprehension of the topics being tested and therefore will greatly increase your chance of success. Actually, this is the only guarantee you need from us because we believe that once you have reviewed all the exam materials thoroughly, you will have good self-esteem to sit and pass the exam by yourself.

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