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Exam P/1 CBT Practice Tests

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Actuarial Testss


Can run on a Windows compatible laptop/IBM-PC

The Actuarial CBT Practice Tests can run on the vast majority of computer hardware and software configurations.

System Requirements:

2. Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, XP with SP1 or higher, NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 7, 8.

Real life simulations

Select a pre-configured practice exam or create your own custom exam that draws questions from the entire test question pool. Choose length of testing time, testing modes and answer options..

The Actuarial CBT Practice Teststs come with hundreds of high quality questions, from which you can generate thousands of possible exam combinations. By default, the questions are not randomized, but you can turn this on if you choose. The objective is to produce different question sets on each attempt.

In addtition to this, we also offer the Random Answer Choices feature. This option moves the answers around so that every time you run by question #1 the answer isn't always a). Keep each attempt at a question challenging. Combine this feature with a customized exam to keep each learning session fresh and educational!

Detailed score report history

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses with the detailed scoring report.This is a great tool for discovering what you need to study more before you take the exam.

The application keeps a history of all the exams and scores you have achieved on those tests. You can easily track your progress and help determine when you are ready to take the exam.

Lifetime updates

Our Practice Tests are updating about every 2-3 months, this includes additional questions we may want to add to these tests, and, yes, you can even e-mail us your questions to be reviewed and included in future releases or simply send your suggestions or opinions about our tests.

We will automatically notify you, based on your registration details, when an update is available and then allow you to instantly download the newest files from our servers.

Ask Only The Questions You Got Wrong

This is a great feature. At the end of the exam, instead of being asked every question again, you can tell the test engine to only ask you questions that you got incorrect.

Learn As You Go

If you enable Show answer, you will see the correct answer and an explanation for each question as you progress through the exam.

End Anytime

You can end the test anytime you want and get your current grade.

Graphic Scoring

As you can see in our screenshots, graphic scoring is another addition to help you keep track of your strong and weak points.

Other features

  • Tag a question for later review;
  • Item review for marked and unanswered questions;
  • E-mail notification about upcoming events/updates;
  • Uninstall option; Available on CD (additional charges apply).
  • Please click here for the Features - Benefits table.

128 bit encryption

Payments are safe and our provider uses the 128-bit encryption support, which is now the highest level of protection used in Internet communications. The order is completely secure and your privacy is protected.

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